About Us

Standard Scientifics™ is among the first proprietary line of professional-grade dietary supplements available online. It is our commitment to excellence that produces the highest possible levels of patient wellness. From raw material selection, through to the finished product, everything we do is guided by the goal of achieving greater effectiveness. We are proud of our tradition of successfully combining evidence-based formulations and superior ingredients to develop supplements that clearly enhance patient health. Previously only available through health care professionals, Standard Scientifics™ is now available online not only for convenience, but safety as well.


Christopher M Foley MD ABIM
Dr. Foley has been a practicing internist in Minnesota since 1979. In 1995 after 16 years as a hospital-based internist in St. Paul, he supervised the opening of the, first integrative clinic in the Twin Cities, The HealthEast Healing Center. The Healing Center functioned as an innovative crossroads between conventional medicine and alternative medicine (chiropractic, naturopathy, massage, acupuncture, and herbal medicine) all under one roof. This initiative paved the way for the development of the Woodwinds campus in Woodbury, Minnesota. 
After practicing at Woodwinds for three years, Dr Foley founded Minnesota Natural Medicine, a fully independent and integrative medical clinic where he continues to offer consultative services in the diagnosis and management of chronic, complex illness.
“In making Standard Scientifics™ products available online, those wishing to avail themselves of pharmaceutical-grade supplements no longer need to go to a physical clinical setting in order to get what they need. The convenience and safety of being able to obtain these formulations from the safety and convenience of your own home is pretty much a first in my experience.”
Chris Foley, MD.


Michael Fischer PharmD. Rph.

Dr. Fischer is a compounding pharmacist who is focused on helping patients find individualized solutions for their healthcare and wellness needs. He has been practicing pharmacy in Minnesota since 2006, with experience in both retail and compounding pharmacy settings. Dr Fischer has worked closely with Dr Foley in making Standard Scientifics™ Products available outside the health care professional physical setting. As a compounding pharmacist, Dr Fischer is acutely aware of the necessity for efficacy of each of the formulas offered by Standard Scientifics™. He is an expert at supplement formulation and has played critical role in selecting these formulas.

“My interest in the pharmacology of herbals and supplements is what led me into the field of pharmacy. For the past 20 plus years I have been researching and consulting with supplement companies and health care providers to develop innovative natural health solutions.” Michael Fischer, Pharma. Rph.